The only airline product of the “2021-2022 Global Airline Meal List-Best Airline Cultural and Creative Five-Star Award” will be revealed to the world. This airline product is the result of the innovative... Read more »

Embrace MES and create an era of empire under the metaverse

MES (METAVERSE EMPIRE) is a virtual world game based on blockchain. It uses MES+MEF as the governance token of the entire game ecology to reward all game players and allow players to... Read more »

How To Play The Underlying Protocol Of The Metaverse? Lets Take A Look Of WoW Solution

The future has come, curtain of the Metaverse has opened In 1992, Neal Stephenson put forward the concepts of “Metaverse” and “Avatar” in his science fiction novel “Snow Crash.” The plot of... Read more »

IUS — an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe

IUS was created by the island universe foundation and blockchain wizard Maniel Larimer. IUS is an ecological chain based on the concept and realization of a meta-universe. IUS is mainly dedicated to... Read more »

A King Of Wolves game aimed at building multiple DeFi ecology and landing games is coming online.

King Of Wolves is a NFT-based competitive social game supported by Absolute blockchain. The rich identities of police chiefs, wolves, ordinary villagers, prophets and detectives in the game are all NFT assets.... Read more »

The importance of sustainability: Why eco-friendly blockchains are the future

As more and more decentralized applications (DApps), such as GameFi, DeFi, NFTs, and more, are being developed, heated discussions about the environmental impact of blockchain and cryptocurrency have reignited once more. Especially... Read more »

Facemetaverse Near Lab International Consensus Community Alliance is fully launched

2021 has been dubbed the first year of the Metavers, which some have called the “Internet in 3D”, following the initial public offering of Roblox earlier this year.Recently, the concept of the... Read more »

PlatON 2.0 Established A Decentralized Collaborative Privacy Artificial Intelligence Network

PlatON, a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain, recently combined blockchain, artificial intelligence and privacy computing technology to establish a decentralized collaborative privacy artificial intelligence network, which... Read more »

Introducing the ThunderCore Iris Hard Fork

The Iris hard fork will increase cross-chain compatibility to the ThunderCore blockchain, marking a new dawn for ecosystem expansion. What will it mean for developers? Introducing ThunderCore Iris, the next iteration of... Read more »

Bit.Store, the promising future of BTC transaction

Bitcoin, as an emerging investment product, has been favored by many investors, and it also has a large group of potential investors. For many users who have not been exposed to Bitcoin,... Read more »