YFX, the world’s first decentralized cross-chain perpetual contract trading platform is set for its token launch. After years of preparation the YFX token launch schedule has been released. Currently, YFX utilizes four... Read more »

Super DeFi lending platform layer announced to be launched soon

On April 29 (UTC + 8), Layer announced on its official Twitter that the lending products will be launched on the official website on May 7, and the first month of mining will start... Read more »

The CoinTumbler

A Coin Tumbler? Yes, it protects your privacy by cleaning up your crypto transaction trail!  Why you need the CoinTumbler What is the most glaring deficiency in the cryptocurrency world today? The... Read more »

DeFi’s dark horse in lending ——BDMProtocol

DeFi , decentralized finance , will be the most important track for blockchain in the future .DeFi advanced all the way in the impetuous state of the huge market prospects behind DeFi... Read more »

Composite lending and social empowerment , BDM liquidity mining leads a new ecological trend of DAO

Blockchain financial ecological scene outbreak , DeFi is breaking the road 2020 is the year of DeFi outbreak. DeFi pushed block chain finance to a climax and led to the beginning of... Read more »

CryptoFifa:Football NFT GameFi on its way to Rock the Crypto World

The overwhelmingly popular collections in 2021 are star cards and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), both of which entered a big bull market unexpectedly. For investors, star cards and NFT worth paying attention in... Read more »

Claim Agreement Aims To Be The One-Stop Decentralized Finance (Defi) Service Network

The Claim Agreement, a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) service network unveiled recently, creates a new generation of credit-based stablecoin ecosystem that is based on the value of assets across time cycles and characterized... Read more »

BTC.com To Offer Myriad Surprises And Benefits During Wet Season Festival To The Mining Industry

Bitcoin welcomes continuing boom Bitcoin’s popularity and value have been going up strongly in the recent months. Bitcoin’s value has more than doubled already in 2021, and has soared to a record... Read more »

Fido: Bring Hash Power Within Reach

With the development of blockchain technology, the pattern of the world economic order is constantly changing. DeFi and the new generation of Internet business represented by Filecoin are gradually becoming a hot... Read more »

Platon Aims To Become The Public Infrastructute Of Privacy Computing To Open Up Business Prospects For The Crypto Space

In the Information Age, Data Becomes a New Factor of Productivity In economics, factors of production, also known as production inputs, are essential resources for the production of goods and services. In... Read more »