PlatON 2.0 Established A Decentralized Collaborative Privacy Artificial Intelligence Network

PlatON, a next-generation Internet infrastructure protocol based on the fundamental properties of blockchain, recently combined blockchain, artificial intelligence and privacy computing technology to establish a decentralized collaborative privacy artificial intelligence network, which... Read more »

Introducing the ThunderCore Iris Hard Fork

The Iris hard fork will increase cross-chain compatibility to the ThunderCore blockchain, marking a new dawn for ecosystem expansion. What will it mean for developers? Introducing ThunderCore Iris, the next iteration of... Read more »

Bit.Store, the promising future of BTC transaction

Bitcoin, as an emerging investment product, has been favored by many investors, and it also has a large group of potential investors. For many users who have not been exposed to Bitcoin,... Read more »

China’s mountain tourism sails again, Dominique De Villepin delivers a speech online

On the evening of 26th September, the opening ceremony of the 2021 International Mountain Tourism and Outdoor Sports Conference and the 16th Guizhou Tourism Industry Development Conference themed on “Enhance Industry Integration and Upgradation... Read more »

MyHash: One of World’s Leading Cloud Service Mining Platform

  MyHash is registered in Singapore, which has been loved by many users and investment institutions during nearly 1 year of operation. MyHash provides users with a complete set of mining service solutions, packaging and... Read more »

CNT uses blockchain technology to help “carbon neutralization”

At a critical moment when environmental problems are increasingly affecting human survival, the world recognizes that achieving “carbon neutralization” is a necessary stage to slow down global warming. Statistics show that more... Read more »

The unique community-driven decentralized trading platform in the TECO ecosystem-TDEX

With the rapid development of the globalization of the encryption industry, countries and regions have higher and higher requirements for practitioners. Technology drives industry innovation. International policies, and the introduction and supervision... Read more »

Bit.Store is expecting to become an indispensable tool for Bitcoin investors

With the global spread of the Covid pandemic, more countries or regions have gradually begun to suffer severe economic losses, which has slowed down the economic growth in many countries and increasingly... Read more »

Ninacloack Announces Autumn Wardrobe 40% to 70% Cut-Off Prices

Ninacloack announces discounts for the new Autumn wardrobe. It gives a chance for customers to buy products they have never tried before. Ninacloak, a store to buy cheap womens clothing online, announces... Read more »

FIRST IN SINGAPORE – BitDATA Exchange the first to launch physical Digital Payment Token Service Centre in Singapore’s Central Business District

Following the launch of its mobile app in July  2021, BitDATA Exchange (BitEx) Singapore, a homegrown regulated digital assets exchange, continues to unfold milestones with the expansion of business operations in Singapore.... Read more »