ONU:A Breakthrough in Blockchain+5G Technology Domain

The decentralization and distributed data storage characteristics of blockchain determine that blockchain technology has a high dependence on the stability, efficiency and flexibility of communication, and 5G technology provides a communications infrastructure... Read more »

How HyperEx is making a difference

As one of the advanced and most innovative exchanges in the world, HyperEx is consistently named one of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, thanks to our excellent service,... Read more »

Five New Side Chains Of CTC Travel Service Chain Have Been Officially Added

On November 11, Daniel Smith, CEO of Singapore Dorn Fund Management Agency and CEO of CTC, and heads of five new side chains officially reached strategic consensus after long-term friendly communication, and... Read more »

CryptoNote protocol-based e-cash system —MKEcoin (Monke Coin)

The successful application of Bitcoin as the first point-to-point transmission electronic cash model. Compared with legal currency, Bitcoin does not have a centralized issuer, but is generated by the calculation of network nodes. Anyone... Read more »

Blockchain empowers education, EBC is a pioneer

Nov 11 2020 , the world’s first application of ecological chain block for the field of education, “Education Block Chaining ( EBC )” formally launched, the number of international financial organizations, educational institutions, and a... Read more »

Prestarrs Shows Its Latest Seasonal Trend Collection for Winter

Prestarrs shows its latest seasonal trend collection. It facilitates women to buy clothes for winter and autumn. Prestarrs, a one-stop online fashion store for women showing the latest collection from the seasonal... Read more »

Charmwish Reveals Discounts Up to 40% for Casual Items

Charmwish is an online fashion store known for its good-quality products and friendly prices. It provides some discounts of up to 40% for casual items. Charmwish is one of the online fashion... Read more »

EFTalk—building a new generation of decentralized social network

Maslow believes that when people meet the two basic needs of physiology and safety, individuals will have the desire to be needed by others, the desire to establish friendship with others, and... Read more »

Dignified people are no longer silent

Have you ever been proud of being an American citizen? Have you ever felt sacred for casting a solemn vote? Have you ever taken the oath of office for every president elected by the... Read more »

CE officially launched, allowing users to enjoy the global inclusive financial dividend

Foreword: Token economy is a part of blockchain technology, and tokens play an important role in the token economy. The current token economy will bestow value on token, so the blockchain technology must... Read more »